Metplorer – virtual tour platform for a new generation

Metplorer is a new SaaS platform for creating guided and virtual tours, which can be joined on mobile. It’s based on Metrunner technology for sports and tourism geolocation.

Metplorer is free for up to 3 tours with 10 checkpoints each.

Our team is based in Stockholm, Sweden, which we invite you to explore!

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Connecting stories

Metplorer is a SaaS platform for creating virtual and guided tours online.

You can create mobile guided tours and virtual tours. Guided tours are played when you travel physically in an area, while virtual tours can be played and experienced at home (travel from home, TFH).

Share your tours with your customers. They can then join your tours using the Metrunner orienteering and tourism web app on mobile.

Create mobile guided and virtual tours easily with Metplorer SaaS platform.
Your customers can join your Metplorer tours using the Metrunner virtual orienteering and tourism web app.

Connecting places

Easily add in places and introductions. Let your customers learn about the stories behind places.

Add places and stories for your tour easily in Metplorer.

Connecting people

Keep track of your statistics. Learn how many people have joined your tours!

Easily share your tour to your customers.

Keep track of how many people have joined your tours online, with our statistics dashboard.




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  • Up to 3 tours with 10 checkpoints
  • Guided tours only
  • Always free
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€18 per month

  • Unlimited tours and checkpoints
  • Virtual and guided tours
  • Billed annually
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